Co-Creating Opportunity in African Communities

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The importance of being selfless

Only 4% of children are expected to enter a graduate institution

Compared to 36% in Latin America, or 14% in South and West Asia, this is very low

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Nearly 87% of children are learning poor

The learning conditions in sub-saharan Africa has a strong negative impact on them,  most of which are unable to read or understand text by the age of 10.

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By partnering with local communities, we're able to create real impact

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Selfless Solutions is facilitating the construction of a new School in Maji Chai, Arusha to accommodate 100 Children.

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Mother’s Mercy Children’s Center

We provide funding to cover the center’s operational expenses, as well as managerial knowledge and assistance using an array of dedicated volunteers.

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Blue Sky Schools

We recruit generous and committed donors from around the world to send Mother’s Mercy students to one of the best primary schools in the Arusha area.

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