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Selfless Solutions

Co-Creating Opportunity in African Communities

The importance of being selfless

Only 4% of children are expected to enter a graduate institution

Compared to 36% in Latin America, or 14% in South
and West Asia, this is very low

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By 2050, 1 in 2 Africans will be under 25 years old

Africa will be home to 1 billion children and teens between 0 and 18 years old. With the right opportunities, this population can be a powerful source of growth and progress, not just in Africa but in the world.


Nearly 87% of children are learning poor

The learning conditions in sub-saharan Africa has a strong negative impact on them, most of which are unable to read or understand text by the age of 10.


Our Work

By partnering with local communities,
we’re able to create real impact.


Blue Sky Schools

Blue Sky is a primary school located in the Nambala Village of Arusha, Tanzania run by the Tanzania...

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Selfless Solutions is facilitating the construction of a new School in Maji Chai, Arusha to accommodate 100 Children.

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