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Our Services

At Selfless Solutions, we know starting a social enterprise is a daunting task. That is why we have assembled a set of services designed to get projects off the ground, as well as to help existing ones reach their fullest potential. A sample of these services are listed here:

Project Design & Development

Our team has experience starting and operating social enterprises. We can help you refine your ideas and show you the necessary steps to officially establish your project.


We can teach you the most effective fundraising methods, promote your campaigns, and even collect tax-deductible contributions on your behalf.

Marketing Strategy

We have team members with decades of marketing experience. They will help you create a marketing plan to promote your project and attract potential donors. 

Web Design and Hosting

Companies will charge you thousands of dollars to create a website for you. However, we can teach you how to create a professional-looking website on your own. Also, we are able to host sites as pages on this website.

Digital Content Creation

We work with talented and experienced individuals to create professional-level images, video, and other digital content for you to use to promote your project.

Social Media Management

We can teach you how to most effectively use your social media pages and the best tools for managing them. Also, we can find you people who will help you actually manage them.

The Watoto Project

The Watoto Project is an original Selfless Solutions creation. The project is a collaboration between Selfless Solutions, Mother's Mercy Children's Organization, Blue Sky Schools, and other local organizations and businesses in Arusha, Tanzania with a mission of empowering children to escape intergenerational cycles of poverty by meeting their basic needs and providing educational opportunities.


Mother's Mercy Children's Center

We provide funding to cover the center's operational expenses, as well as managerial knowledge and assistance using an array of dedicated volunteers.

Blue Sky Schools

We recruit generous and committed donors from around the world to send Mother's Mercy students to one of the best primary schools in the Arusha area.

Selfless Safaris

We have established agreements with local tour operators to donate a portion of their proceeds in support of the initiative when someone travels on behalf of Selfless Solutions. 

Let's Connect!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Selfless Solutions or its projects, as well as for additional information regarding fundraising, travel, and volunteer/internship opportunities.