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Selfless Solutions


The best education for the brightest future

What is the
Sponsorship Program?

Child sponsorship is an opportunity to personally connect with a child, family, and community in need. You’ll walk alongside them as they work on lasting solutions to fight poverty and help vulnerable children to reach their full potential by giving them access to high-quality education. By sponsoring a child, you accept to support their education until they graduate from secondary school.

Why sponsor a child with Selfless Solutions?

We believe the best way to positively change the life of a child is to empower them through education. The well-being of children is our focus and our work centers on improving the lives of children in need.

Selfless Solutions’ Sponsorship project is designed to meet the most pressing needs in a sponsored child’s community and all projects are regularly measured against these goals and objectives. Projects are designed to make sure that children are healthy and are receiving high-quality education.

Since we started this program in 2019, we now have a total of 65 children sponsored through us and our oldest child is now in grade 4 at Blue Sky primary school.

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