Blue Sky Schools

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About Blue Sky Schools

Blue Sky is a primary school located in the Nambala Village of Arusha, Tanzania run by the Tanzania Human Development (TAHUDE) Foundation. When it was founded in January 2015, there were only 30 students. Now, Blue Sky has over 500 students divided among 14 classes. Many students come from local children’s centers like Mother’s Mercy, but the school also serves the children of the Nambala Village who could not receive a quality education before the school was started.

Blue Sky strives “to be a place of excellence where children can achieve their full potential and their full¬†academic, creative, personal, physical and moral development”, as well as “a place of spiritual values where children learn respect for themselves and others.”

Besides a rigorous academic curriculum, Blue Sky also has music, art, computing, and health classes, as well as a special needs program for children with developmental disorders, a rarity in Tanzania.

For more information about Blue Sky’s history and goals, and the importance of sponsor programs like Selfless Solutions’, please watch the video below.


Our Partnership

In Tanzania, the public education system is notoriously poor due to a combination of factors, such as a lack of skilled teachers, low funding, and overcrowding. If you want a quality education, you must pay for private schooling, but this is impossible for most families. At Selfless Solutions, we strongly believe that all children should have access to a quality education regardless of their ability to pay, so, in the fall of 2018, we committed to sending all Mother’s Mercy children to a private school.

After visiting numerous schools around Mother’s Mercy, we chose to send the children to Blue Sky because the school focuses on the development the whole child, not just on academic performance.

In the first year of the program, we were able to enroll 14 children at Blue Sky. We hope to continue to grow this number by 20 each year, but we will only be able to do so with the help of committed sponsors.

Sponsors cover the costs of tuition, meals, school clothes, education materials, and healthcare for their sponsee. Not only will you be providing your child with an education, your contribution also makes it possible for other local children to attend Blue Sky because sponsorships are a key part of the school’s income, allowing the school to keep its doors open.¬†



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