Let Selfless Solutions guide you in your project

Our Consulting Program

Selfless Solutions’ Consulting Program has the purpose to support organizations and individuals in the growth or the creation of projects. Your project can be already existing or be an idea in your mind, Selfless Solutions will be on your side to provide you with the necessary ressources and knowledges to make your project possible.

With all our projects based in Tanzania and from years of implementation, we are proud to say that we can share our experiences. Our multi-cultural team will provide you the with all the knowledge gained. From organizational to personal experience, this will be one of the tools that we can provide to you. 

Our large network will be able to enlighten you if you decide to create, support projects or develop yourself in the countries that we are present in or further.

How we can help


We can teach you the most effective fundraising methods, promote your campaigns and even collect tax-deductible contribution on your behalf in the countries that Selfless Solutions is established in.

Project development

Our team as experience starting and operating social enterprises. we can help you to refine your ideas and show you the necessary steps to officially establish your project. We will provide you the tolls for the success of your project.

Web design

Companies will charge your thousands of dollars to create a website for you. However, we can teach you how to create a professional looking website on your own. We are also able to host sites as pages on this website. 


We have team members with decades of marketing experience. They will help you create a marketing plan to promote your project and attract potential donors. Through a general plan or specific target, we will guide you towards your objective.

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