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Become a sponsor

By becoming a sponsor through Selfless Solutions, you are providing a child with their basic needs, as well as access to a great education. Without our sponsors, the children wouldn’t have access to these services, even though our local partners can provide them for less than $2.00 per child per day.

Volunteer Placements

Volunteers are placed at one of our partner organizations in Tanzania during their time of service. The purpose of volunteering is to help further the mission and vision of the placement organization, as well as that of the larger Selfless project of which it is a part. To be successful in this role, applicants should be self-motivated, proactive, creative, and serious about co-creating change in the world. They must also agree to follow our unique volunteering methods which are founded upon respect, humility, and a collaborative spirit.

Travel to Tanzania

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime while supporting Selfless Solutions.

We have established profit-sharing relationships with tour operators in Tanzania that we know and trust. These companies will donate proceeds from your trip to benefit the work of Selfless Solutions. If you are interested in visiting Tanzania and seeing all that it has to offer, simply send us a message through our contact page. Members of Selfless Solutions with experience traveling in Tanzania are available to assist you with planning your trip and will answer any questions you might have

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Launch a Fundraiser (coming soon)

Help us spread the word and raise funds! Soon you’ll be able to create your own fundraising campaign and invite your friends and family to become part of the Selfless Solutions family. 

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