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Position: Medical Assistant


Volunteer Interns will be assigned to a specific hospital or outpatient care center. They will report to that organization’s Volunteer Coordinator, as well as to other Selfless Solutions’ staff members that are assigned to them (together “Reports”). Reports will help guide the work of Volunteer Interns and collaborate with them to accomplish the tasks which they are given, as well as those which they create for themselves through dialogue with Reports and other staff.

Although Volunteer Interns will be given direction, they are expected to be self-motivated, creative, and proactive. Through dialogue, they should seek to collaboratively identify what needs to be done to further the Healthcare Project/partner organizations’ goals, and then take initiative to co-create and execute strategies to address those needs. This should include project development efforts (fundraising, partnerships, etc.) in addition to the day-to day assistance and learning with medical staff. The Volunteer Intern position is not for those who are looking for a vacation, or for those who must be hand-held and told exactly what to do at all times.

The Selfless Solutions’ Volunteer Internship Program is for those who are serious about co-creating positive change in the world using a method founded on mutual respect, humility, and love.

Placement Overview

Selfless Solutions partners with organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa to generate the resources and expertise necessary to effectively address needs in their communities.

Our Healthcare Project is an initiative based in Arusha, Tanzania with the mission of providing all residents with access to healthcare services that at least meet minimum standard of care requirements established in developed countries.

To fulfill this mission, Selfless Solutions recruits dedicated Volunteer Interns to work with our local partners on the ground to improve and grow the initiative. This enables our Healthcare Project to reach more people, while also better addressing the needs of the people it already serves.

Responsibilities of Volunteer Medical Assistant Interns

    • Participate in day-to-day care delivery and learning opportunities with local medical staff.

    • Collaborate with Reports and other staff to improve and grow the project, as well as potentially co-create and develop new strategies to address community needs.

      • This will sometimes require Volunteer Interns to conduct needs assessments, data collection efforts, and/or generate formal reports.  

    • Research and identify prospective donors and proactively initiate & execute fundraising campaigns and events.

    • Work with Reports, Organization Staff, and the Selfless Solutions Communications Team to generate marketing content, as well as engage and retain existing donors and sponsors.

    • Identify and initiate partnerships with potential collaborators (individuals, groups, organizations, etc.).

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