Co-Creating Opportunity in African Communities



What is Selfless Solutions?

Selfless Solutions is the association of 3 non-profit organization based on different continents. Selfless Solutions USA, Selfless Solutions Europe and Selfless Tanzania. We operate under a federal system where each branch operates with a relative autonomy under the direction of operation decided on the federal level.

Selfless Solutions’ mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the resources and human capital needed to address issues locally and sustainably. From fundraising to management consulting to volunteer support, we are committed to co-creating organizations and systems built around the notion that every individual should be able to meet their basic needs and have an equal opportunity to become their most fully realized self.

Selfless Solutions works hand-in-hand with local actors to provide on-the- ground guidance and support. Having a direct relationship with the organizations we partner with allows us to facilitate our projects in real- time and address issues as they arise. We are able to identify areas where resources or communication may be lacking and immediately close those gaps so that local communities can get the help they need and deserve.



We can count on the work of more than 30 volunteer members that are giving their time and resources to support the actions of Selfless Solutions. Our team counts more than 10 different nationalities, people being between 20 and 50+ years old and different backgrounds, from students to CEOs. 

We are all working together in the same objective, making a difference.  

Why choosing Selfless Solutions?


While generally well-intentioned, philanthropic organizations often encounter obstacles that prevent them from effectively addressing the issues they are trying to solve.

Founded on the principles of effective altruism, Selfless Solutions is not naïve to the challenges of connecting disparate cultural communities.

Instead, we lean into those complications, always encouraging communication and collaboration between foundations and the communities they aspire to assist, emphasizing empathy, transparency, and co-creation.

Our goal is not just to uplift local communities but also to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to thrive independently of us.


Our offers

Volunteer Interns are placed at one of our partner organizations in Tanzania during their time of service. The purpose of Volunteer Interns is to help further the mission and vision of their placement organization, as well as that of the larger project which it is part. To be successful in this role, applicants should be self-motivated, proactive, creative, and serious about co-creating change in the world. They must also be committed to adhering to a method founded upon mutual respect, humility, and a collaborative spirit. The following positions are NOT for those simply looking to vacation or to take nice pictures.

Our team as experience starting and operating social enterprises. we can help you to refine your ideas and show you the necessary steps to officially establish your project. We can teach you the most effective fundraising methods, promote your campaigns and even collect tax-deductible contribution on your behalf. We have team members with decades of marketing experience. They will help you create a marketing plan to promote your project and attract potential donors. Companies will charge your thousands of dollars to create a website for you. However, we can teach you how to create a professional looking website on your own. We are also able to host sites as pages on this website. 

We have established collaborative partnerships with tour operators in Tanzania that we know and trust. The companies have decided to donate proceeds from your trip to benefit Selfless Solutions work. If you are interested in visiting Tanzania and seeing all that it has to offer, simply send us a message through our contact page. Members of Selfless Solutions with experience traveling in Tanzania are available to assist you with planning your trip and will answer any questions you have.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.


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