We believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to become their fullest self.

Our Team

Selfless Solutions counts on more than 30 volunteers and members from more than 10 different countries and backgrounds; from students to CEO’s. Meet some of our members:

Patrick Irwin

In May of 2017, Pat graduated from Dickinson College with a bachelor’s in biology and had plans to pursue a career in medicine. However, after a year spent working on public health projects at the University of Pittsburgh, he realized his true passion lay in creating and implementing solutions to societal flaws that cause human suffering on a large scale.

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Mark Matolo

Mark is from Arusha, Tanzania, and has a bachelor’s in Architecture. He has been devoted to helping children and families in Arusha for many years.

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Fabien Dondey

Fabien has always been interested in the different cultures and lifestyles of people around the world, and has traveled extensively to experience and learn more about them. During a volunteer trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2018, he met Pat who was also working as a volunteer and staying in the same hostel.

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Carlos Rojas


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