E-learning Pilot Program

What is our E-Learning Pilot?

A new way of teaching, how technologies can solve educational challenges

Designed for fast learning

The E-learning pilot aims to provide improve the English qualification of Tanzanian children from public primary school. The pilot is designed for fast learning of the English language to ensure their success in the pursuit of their educational journey.

Using the latest technologies

To counter the challenges of the Tanzanian education system and the classical way of teaching, Selfless Solutions offers education by the use of the latest tools available. This is possible by the use of tablets and educational application like Khan Academy.

Created to be a solution

The E-learning pilot comes from the research of solving the challenges that the Tanzanian education system faces. The comprehension and use of the english language being required for the secondary education, a large portion of students are dropping out by not having the necessary qualifications. 

Tracking the progress

Because this program is a pilot, it aim to acquire information if such program can be beneficial on a larger scale. Data are collected to acknowledge the benefits of the pilot on the english level of the children enrolled.

Planned to be effective

This program is the first step in developing a solution for the challenges that children face during their education. The second part of this project will be to develop it on a larger scale and include other lessons in addition of english in the program.

Building the future of children

By having the necessary qualification in the english language, it will allows children to pursue their education in secondary school to grow towards a brighter future for them, their family, their country.

Why E-learning?

One of the biggest challenges facing the public education system in Tanzania is the language barrier.

The current Education and Training Policy stipulates that the medium of instruction in primary school will be the local language of Swahili, while English will be a compulsory subject.

However, the policy further states that all instruction should be in English from secondary to tertiary levels.

Educational planners and policymakers assume that students who transition to secondary school after completing seven years of primary schooling in public schools possess sufficient knowledge of English to thrive, which is contradictory to empirical data and what actually happens in many communities.

Therefore, the education system sets children to fail as they transition from primary school to secondary school and instruction shifts from Swahili to English.

This model presents a daunting challenge for students with low exposure to English in their early years or insufficient teaching during primary school, which is vastly common in public schools.

A study conducted by UWEZO in 2010 found that half of students graduating from primary school could not read in English.

As an attempt to solve this problem, Selfless Solutions is launching an eLearning pilot in March of 2022 aimed at improving public school students’ English proficiency to prepare them for secondary school.

Providing eLearning technology allows for a more personalized learning journey and enhances students’ probability of success at post-primary levels.

The program is thematically focused, incorporating music, games, and activities that introduce English vocabulary in an engaging and interactive format.

In addition, this pilot will evaluate the resources required to expand an eLearning program throughout Tanzania (staff training, content management, data collection, etc.).

We realize we cannot solve all the problems of the education system in Tanzania ourselves, but we are proud to say that we will be able to give thousands of vulnerable children in Arusha the opportunity for a brighter future by expending our child sponsor program and E-learning initiatives.

We hope that through quality education and continuous developmental and social support, all the children enrolled in our education projects will be able to break out of generational poverty and lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. We will continue to innovate and grow with the ultimate goal of ensuring all children in the Arusha Region have access to quality education.

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