Mother’s Mercy Children’s Center

About this Project

Mother’s Mercy Children’s Center is a school/day care for indigent children in Arusha, Tanzania. Many of the children it serves are orphans or are from broken homes whose families have been affected by substance abuse or domestic violence. The center was established in September 2017 by a local man named Seth Emmanuel. Upon graduating from secondary school, Seth, an aspiring lawyer, didn’t have the money to attend law school. Discouraged and uncertain of what he should do next, Seth’s mother encouraged him to spend his time passing on his education to local children who also could not afford quality schools.

Seth began by teaching three children in a one-room shed on his sister’s property in the Nguruma Village. He called his new project Mother’s Mercy, because it was his mother’s love for the local children that inspired him to start his work.

When Seth realized there was a greater need for the project in the nearby Malala Village, he relocated the center there. It now serves over 60 children, ages 2-6. The children receive two meals per day (often their only ones), along with lessons from professional teachers. The center also teaches the children lessons in hygiene and personal health, and has brought doctors to the center to perform routine check-ups.

It is Seth’s goal to continue to support all Mother’s Mercy children until they have a secure and stable future, either by starting university or entering the workforce. At Selfless Solutions, we also believe that no children should have their basic needs unmet, and that the quality of their education should not be tied to how much money their family has. Because of these shared goals, we began to work with Seth and Mother’s Mercy in August 2018.

Our Partnership

Our founder, Pat Irwin, met Seth during a volunteer trip to Tanzania in August 2018. At the time, Mother’s Mercy had 34 children and Seth was feeding and teaching the children for free with only the help of a part-time volunteer. Inspired by the project, Pat created Selfless Solutions to support Seth’s work and to be a vehicle for creating and developing similar projects in the future.

Over the remainder of the year, Selfless Solutions recruited committed donors to help Seth hire two professional teachers and a matron who prepares the children’s meals, as well as sustainable funding to cover the center’s rent and food expenses.

To accommodate the growing number of children, Mother’s Mercy was in need of a bigger facility. In October 2018, Selfless Solutions helped them move to a new site and raised over $10,000 to add two additional classroom buildings, toilet facilities, a kitchen, and a beautiful playground that is open to all the children of the Malala Village, not just Mother’s Mercy students.

In addition to fundraising, we also provide Seth and his staff with management knowledge and assistance. For example, we provided them with a computer and taught them how to use it to keep accurate financial records and up-to-date student case files.

We are in constant communication with Seth and are actively involved in the center’s continual development. We will return to Tanzania regularly, starting with a trip set for January 2020 which has, among other things, the goal of creating a sustainable plan to improve the medical and social support services Mother’s Mercy offers students.

You can support our work with Mother’s Mercy and similar projects by donating, becoming a sponsor, or volunteering.

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