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About Sucare

Sucare is an existing children’s center in Usariver in the Arusha region. It was created by the current director of the center Kennedy Lyimo 3 years ago. The center welcomes 32 children, all of whom live in extreme poverty and some of whom have no parents. Sucare allows children to have access to two meals a day and an education in preparation for primary school.

The Tanzanian public education system does not start until the age of 6 and the preparatory schools are all private and costly. As a result, most children cannot succeed in their educational course. If the common language in Tanzania is Swahili in primary schools, the secondary education is in English. Due to lack of preparation, a large majority of Tanzanian children cannot pass the exam and therefore cannot enter the secondary system.

This explains the creation of Sucare with the aim of giving children from very disadvantaged backgrounds a better chance to succeed in their education.

Our Partnership

The project of Selfless Solutions for Sucare is the realization of the project is the construction of a school in Maji Chai, Arusha, Tanzania for children and thereafter to ensure the operation of the center.

Following the construction, Selfless Solutions will participate in the operating costs of the school.

The construction being carried out with the assistance of the French student organization Pamoja.

The construction is carried out in part each summer by a team of students from the ICAM Nantes engineering school. Each year, a new team of student fundraise during the whole school year. Then, during the month of August the students travel to Tanzania to support the construction of their project.

The construction time depending on the funds available. Follow our common estimations with Pamoja, we estimate the finalization of the construction in the summer of 2023.

The construction time allows at the same time Selfless Solutions to raise funds and prepare the functioning of the future school.


The different party to the project meeting on the construction site.

The project


The objective of the project is to build a school that can accommodate around 100 children. The construction consists of:

  • 3 classrooms

  • A room for teachers

  • An office for the director

  • A kitchen

  • A cellar

  • A multifunctional space

  • 2 staff toilets

  • 2 toilets for girls

  • 2 toilets for boys

Cost estimation for the completion of the construction of Sucare: $50,000

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