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Selfless Solutions


What's it about?

Selfless Solutions is facilitating the construction of a new School in Maji Chai, Arusha to accommodate 100 Children.

The Challenge

Access to education is limited to very few children in Tanzania. The Public Education system, which only teaches in Swahili, begins at age 6. Most of the children in Tanzania are not accepted into the secondary school system because they only speak Swahili.


Project Cost – $50,000

Completion Date – Summer 2023

100 Kids with access to Education

With assistance from Pamoja Online Education and ICAM Engineering School, ICAM Students raise funds every year and in the summer, travel to Tanzania to help in the construction.

The School includes:

  • 3 classrooms
  • A room for teachers
  • An office for the director
  • A kitchen
  • A cellar
  • A multifunctional space
  • 6 Bathrooms


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