Volunteer in Tanzania

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Volunteer Placements

Volunteer are placed at one of our partner organizations in Tanzania during their time of service. The purpose of volunteering is to help further the mission and vision of their placement organization, as well as that of the larger project which it is part. To be successful in this role, applicants should be self-motivated, proactive, creative, and serious about co-creating change in the world. They must also be committed to adhering to a method founded upon mutual respect, humility, and a collaborative spirit. The following positions are NOT for those simply looking to vacation or to take nice pictures.

The Watoto Project

Selfless Solutions’ Watoto Project is an initiative based in Arusha, Tanzania with a mission of empowering children to escape intergenerational cycles of poverty by meeting their basic needs and providing educational opportunities.

Participants working for this project will serve as Volunteer Project Development Interns. They will be placed at one of our partner daycare centers or primary schools. Their main purpose will be to work with these partners to collaboratively identify organizational/project needs, and then take the initiative to co-create and execute strategies to solve them. For more information about this placement, please read the full Volunteer Project Development Intern role description here.

Healthcare Project

Our Healthcare Project is an initiative in Arusha, Tanzania with the mission of providing all residents with access to healthcare services whose quality meets, at the very least, minimum standard of care requirements in the developed world.

Participants working for this project will be placed at one of our partner hospitals or outpatient centers in Arusha and serve as Volunteer Medical Assistant Interns. They will provide day-to-day assistance to medical staff, allowing them to learn about healthcare in Tanzania, as well as organizational/project needs. Additionally, all Volunteer Interns will be expected to engage in project development efforts (fundraising, supply sourcing, partnerships, etc) in addition to their day-to-day activities. For more information about this opportunity, please read the full Volunteer Medical Assistant Intern role description here.

Please note that Selfless Solutions strictly adheres to ethical volunteering principles to protect the children and communities we serve from exploitation. Therefore, spots will be limited and participants will be required to complete placement-specific training before departure. 

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